Your Stories
 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Dear staff of Proclaim FM, I am a newer listener of your station. I started listening over the last year perhaps. I am also new to the area, so it was great for me to find a Christian radio station with such integrity and managed by a strong man of God. Although I LOVE talk radio and enjoyed listening to your morning program very much, and will miss it, I relish the changes you are making at Proclaim FM. Change is hard for everyone, even when it’s exciting. As a pastor’s wife who also hears criticism in the church regarding changes, I wanted to encourage you today. THANK YOU for spreading the good news of Christ and for following his lead. Thank you for putting up with fussy people along the way to do your work and to do it well. You are all a blessing to me when I turn the radio on and I pray that over time these changes will be well received and that you will be blessed in trusting God in all things during these changes.
I used to listen to K-Love, and probably still will on occasion, but I love the variety you play. There have been many songs played that I haven’t heard before and I love that! Your DJs (perhaps there’s a different word/title, but sorry I am unaware) are great and I enjoy listening to all of you. I like the frequency of which you play weather and news and am grateful for a more local Christian station with the news I want to hear. Thank you for all your doing….for all you are likely putting up with….and please allow me to pray for you and this transition:
God, in heaven, we are so blessed that you care for our every need, our every struggle, and our every gift. Thank you for being the God who hears and the God who moves in our lives. I ask that you would send your strength onto each individual at this station. Help them to discern the truth that they must live by in order to continue spreading the good news of Jesus. Help them to remember the truth, to be able to readily identify it, and to live by it each day as they go to work. Give them what they need to stand firm in their trust of you when criticized for the changes they are making. Help them to listen to your guidance and to seek you all things first. Help them to learn to obey your word and shine their light as they discover the benefits of your loving and gracious nature. Thank you for these people and all that they’re doing. Give them the words to say, the conviction to listen, and the wisdom to make decisions. We trust you, God. Help us to encourage one another and love one another at all times. ~Amen Have a great day!
—Adrian from

It just seems to have the right message exactly when I need it. Thanks for all the great work you do through the station. I know it helps many different people.
—Angela from Bowling Green

God opened a door for us two years ago when Proclaim FM opened its doors to us to help people suffering from addiction!!
—April from Holland

I started listening to Proclaim FM and love the music. I heard some of the programs they have on there. Thank God for a great Christian radio station that I can relate, truly can enjoy and relax to. Proclaim FM have some amazing, God loving, kindly and respectful people that want and willing to make a difference in a person life and so many more. I thanks God for y’all at Proclaim FM and thanks for bring me loving and wonderful music. I am glad it is safe for my 4 old can listen to it too. Keep up the amazing and greater good work.
—Artesha from Toledo

Regardless the season of your life you currently find yourself in, whether it be happiness & success or heartbreak, hardship, & sadness, if you give a listen 102.3 Proclaim FM to you WILL find a song or songs that will speak directly to you. I know, because since listening I’ve always found at least one song that helped me transition through several seasons. It’s important to know that no matter what you are experiencing at this very moment it is not permanent; it is just a season, and it can change quickly & unexpectedly. I fortunately find myself at the start of a new season; one I believe will be filled with personal growth & improvement. I continue to listen to Proclaim FM to keep me inspired. When I’ve gone through some difficult seasons, I found hope, strength, and encouragement through the music that they play. I’m sharing all this because I know a few of my friends are going through rough times right now; and I’m sure there are even more I’m unaware of. I truly believe this will be of some help to them. Praying for you all.
Keep doing what you’re doing Proclaim FM, you are making a difference in people’s lives.
—Bill from Monroe, MI

There’s nothing like the local passion on Proclaim FM to help me see what God sees in the people of Toledo.
—Bob from Luckey

When I was nine years old my father was diagnoses with leukemia. When he found out that WPOS would be on the air he was probably the first one tuned in the first day. He was a pastor of a very small church in Toledo and had a heart for God like no other. Years later, when he heard the song, The King is Coming by the Gaithers on your station for the first time he wept. He said his time was coming to see the King. He died when I was 20 yrs old. Time went by and I married and we had two beautiful daughters and I continued to listen to WPOS through all the years. When my oldest daughter was 2 years old when the second daughter came and she kept taking the babies blanket, so I made a special one for her with a cat pillow head that she adored. And the blankets name was “Jubiline”! her interpretation of what they sang everyday on your station during the Jubilee hour. And then they grew threw Adventures of Odyssey and a developed heart for God to which I know your station contributed. They both developed their own interests but thankfully I can say it was still Christian music, but contemporary. When they were 17 and 15 years old, our lives changed dramatically. My loving husband of almost 20 years died suddenly from a silent heart attack. And here is where I have one more connection with your station. He was playing volley ball with the church league at WPOS that night. On the way home he felt he had bad indigestion, but the weather was horrible and we were driving home in a snow whiteout. God directed us home that night safely and approximately 10 minutes after entering our home, God called my beloved husband home to be with Him. Although it was a tragic loss, I have always felt the presence of God’s peace through all the trials but know that it’s because of the foundation I have, starting with good Christian parents, listening to good quality Christian music, and fellowship with God’s family. I have to say that my daughters’ influence with Contemporary Christian music, I swayed from your station during the day BUT came back in the evenings for the sermons! When you became Proclaim FM I was elated to get back to my station again. Thank you for all you do and have done in my life. AND my daughters are now back to your station as well. I don’t have to do the 30 day challenge – I’ve never made it a practice to listen to anything other than Christian broadcasting. I have listened to your station from the beginning. Probably one of your longest followers of 49 years.
Thank you again for all you do and God bless.
—Brenda from Toledo

I have been listening to 102.3fm for over 35 yrs.! I love the mission and ministry that Proclaim FM shares with the Toledo and Northwest Ohio areas. The teaching is very inspirational and has taught me so much and grown my faith in so many ways. And, of course, I love the music!! It’s all I listen to.
—Cathy from

I encourage you to tune in to102.3 Proclaim FM and be amazed by what a dose of Christian music can do for your spirit and your soul!! Everyday it helps me feel closer to the Lord and reminds me what is important in my earthly life, but even more importantly the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord!!
—Christine from

I started listening to Proclaim FM when you changed your format. As a member Calvary Church I have many Christian friends and one of them told me about you. I love that you are a local station that is making a difference right here in the Toledo area. Your station is permanently set on my radio in my car.
I can’t tell you how much I love the music, the teachings and even “Adventures in Odyssey”. I love Andrea and Mark in the morning too. They have made me laugh and sometimes tear up while traveling to work. There are many times that what you talk about is exactly what I need to hear. I love the song “Storyteller” because I feel that I can relate to it so well. I’m sure we all have a God story to tell.
I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Mud Hens event this Summer and even got to hug Andrea. I thank God for all of you and thank you for making a difference in so many lives. God bless you.
—Damaris (Dee) from Toledo

I was so happy to know that we have a local radio station with this type of programming. It is truly my life line and now my favorite radio station and all I listen to. Thank you so much for making a difference in so many people’s lives, I’m sure.

Heard the song “You Are Wanted” today. Realized that at the root of rejection and being left out was the lie – you are not wanted. The song spoke out the truth that God wants me and that freed me from the lie and brought healing to my heart. Thank you for like so many I heard the right song at the right time! Blessings on all you are doing – believing the Lord is leading you!
—Denise from Deerfield

A few months back we decided to have a spot on Proclaim Fm to let listeners know about our mission through dentistry to provide high quality care, as well as emotional and spiritual concern for all those that seek it. Proclaim has help bring new patient’s to us that seek this environment. We are blessed to have found a partner through Proclaim Fm to help us continue our mission.
—Drs. Zouhary and Fisher from Rossford

Proclaim is bringing me closer to The Lord again. It brings peace and hope to my heart. It’s wonderful to have Christian stations like this to listen to that are local. Keep on doing the work of The Lord!
—Elizabeth from

I love the heart behind Proclaim – that I’m seeing this station actively involved in so many community events in Toledo! Thank you for being such a positive presence in our city!
—Heidi from Toledo

I love having christian music playing in the car with my two girls!
—Iris from

The music on Proclaim FM really brings me back to the time when worship really impacted me. I feel I’m growing closer to the Lord being able to worship like I used to. Even if it is driving down the road at 65!
—Julia from Pemberville

I have listened since July 2013 when leaving my son’s apartment for the last time (he passed away 7-12-13), the radio was set on Proclaim FM. Some may not consider this a sign from above, but I do – you have blessed me daily to and from work and any time I am in my vehicle. God Bless you for the works you do in His name.
—Lee from Toledo

God has His hand on Proclaim FM and is accomplishing His work through this wonderful ministry! Having done some road travel, I was able to hear other stations in various parts of the country—-and I’m here to tell you, they have NOTHING on Proclaim FM, not even in larger markets! We are blessed beyond measure with such a loving, compassionate, caring staff and I am happy to support such a wondrous work!
—Lisa from Toledo

This morning I was listening on the way to work and you played the new Sanctus Real song “On Fire”. Listening to the words brought tears to my eyes as I knew this was me. I was there and have somehow managed to drift away, but listening to this song and your station has been clearing the way for my Lord and I am hearing Him again. I want to be on Fire for Him again.
Thank you for doing what you do for Him
—Marge from Graytown

I was told about Focus on the Family, about 15 years ago,and started listening to it, then stayed on the station for music,and listened longer. I believe that because of those things, I was encouraged to follow Jesus, even though I wasn’t getting it from my church. I was, but not as much as I needed. Thank you for reaching the community, for Christ.
—Marilyn from Bowling Green

I accidentally found your station when I got my new car. I didn’t know how to work the radio and did an auto scan and Proclaim FM was one of them. I started listening and realized that Christian music was actually something I enjoyed.
To back track a little, I was raised very Catholic but it wasn’t for me. I always left church feeling guilty, condemned, or unworthy, even for something small. In my adult-hood, I decided that it wasn’t for me, but inadvertently I also strayed from God a little. Listening to Proclaim FM has brought me back to having a strong faith. It also has had a profound effect on my husband. My talk of God and his plan and what he is doing in my and my husband’s life has brought my husband to God, a man who never went to church and didn’t know God growing up, has started to talk about God’s plan and what he is doing in our lives. In fact he is often an encouragement for me when I am having a down day.
—Megan from Lenawee County

I have always had a very close, consistent relationship with God and it has been the most important relationship of my life. One day that all felt shattered when I found myself going through a storm and needing answers that I felt like were not coming. For months, I had been praying, fasting, seeking God and feeling lost. I was just about to give up hope and walk away from everything I had ever known when God reminded me that this storm wasn’t the first one that He has carried me through…and it wouldn’t be the last one. Having Proclaim to listen to everyday helped me fight for myself and my purpose that God has called me to fulfill. What used to be cloudy is now very clear, just because God has taught me to fly above the storm no matter how unrattling things get.
—Michelle from Holland

I have listened to Proclaim for over 20 years and find it a great encouragement. To be honest I was not for the program change until a conversation with Craig. He showed me the importance of leaving our comfort zone in order to reach more people. As a minister I knew this in my mind, but I forgot it in my heart. Today as I minister I have Proclaim playing in the background, and I know people feel God because of it. Thank you Proclaim FM for helping me spiritually mature and grow in Christ as well as help me (as God guides) help others.
—Moe from Genoa

Proclaim has helped me share Christian music with non believers in my car!
—Patsy from Bowling Green

It is great to hear my kids singing the songs they hear on Proclaim fm and to not worry about lyrics they hear and sing. I enjoy it too!! Adventures in Odyssey is a favorite too! Thankful to have this great local station!!
—Shawn from

I have listened to WPOS-FM ,now Proclaim-FM, almost since it started. My kids and I were raised on Gospel and Christian music. What goes into our ears comes out of our mouths. I still listen to Proclaim even though I live in Ft.Wayne, Indiana. I do have WBCL in Ft.Wayne, but Proclaim will always be No. 1. I am getting God’s message. Thank you.
—Sondra from Ft. Wayne

My daughter has been in a struggle with drugs for three years. When it first started, I had a mental breakdown, was hospitalized, and couldn’t work for an extended time. See, I have brother who has struggled with addiction his entire life and I knew the horror of it. Like my brother, my daughter lost her relationships, children, jobs, apartment, vehicle, license, and belongings including photos of her children. Watching her life being destroyed killed me. I desperately wanted to control something I couldn’t. There was nothing I could do but love and pray. It was prayer, reading God’s promises, and Christian music that comforted me in my darkest moments. Today, my daughter is finally walking towards the light of Jesus! She WANTS to go to church and is active in several groups and meetings including Celebrate Recovery. She still lives in government housing surrounded by drugs and people not interested in changing. Recently, she told me, “Mom, you were right! When I listen to christian music (radio), I feel like I am not alone. My day is better. I feel better. I even feel like cleaning my apartment and dishes.” Thank you Proclaim FM for your encouraging music for my daughter and myself. Thank you for your praying staff, teaching programs, and the fun morning shows that start my day in a positive way!!!
—Sue from Perrysburg

It is funny how the Lord works, earlier this week one afternoon things were really stacking up. It seemed like all I was doing was putting fires out in the office. I heard there was a new music style on the station and decided I needed to take a 15 minute break. I was really glad I did. When I tuned in – there was a song playing that really spoke to my heart – slowed me down – and reminded me that I wasn’t in control (even though sometimes I think I am).
I love the new music and the fact that I can get it from a local station. Thanks!
—Tom from Toledo

I was going through a ruff time and i didn’t know god but than i heard proclaim fm and i started knowing god .
—tom from bertc

My husband and I come across your station while traveling through Ohio from Michigan to Kentucky to visit our son who just began a ten year sentence. Your station is now a blessing in our travels each month in giving us hope for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you!
—Walter & Bonnie from